Cause of Death episode
Zero Hour
Volume 4, Episode 1
Volume 4 guide [v]
  1. Zero Hour
  2. Blood Relations, Part 1
  3. Blood Relations, Part 2
  4. Coded Messages
  5. The Games We Play, Part 1
  6. The Games We Play, Part 2
  7. Zero Sum Game
  8. Zero Consequences
Volume 3: The Hunter
Volume 5: Hand of Justice
Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.



Herman Hartnell, a retired maintenance man, waits in a hospital examination room completing crossword puzzles. The day is the anniversary of the murders by Zero, the famed California Code Killer, who was never identified. Nurse Jennifer Bale interrupts Hartnell for help on a crossword puzzle, but Hartnell rudely dismisses her. Later Dr. Earl Fassbinder walks in, and proceeds with the examination. Hartnell screams in pain, and grabs a hold of a pair of surgical shears on the counter nearby. The exam ends with Dr. Fassbinder leaving the room.

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