Cause of Death episode
Wolf At The Gates
Volume 11, Episode 6
Air date November 5, 2012
Volume 11 guide [v]
September 24, 2012 - November 19, 2012

1. Best Served Cold
2. Black Magic, Part 1
3. Black Magic, Part 2
4. Putting The Pieces Together
~. Interlude
5. Tangled Webs
6. Wolf At The Gates
7. Love and War, Part 1
8. Love and War, Part 2

Volume 10
Volume 12

Wolf At The Gates is the sixth chapter of Volume 11. It was released on November 5, 2012.

Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


Jacob has come to San Trobida to get his son back from General Salazar... And he isn't alone!


Before General Salazar could execute Mal, Jacob Fallon enters the mansion with a duffel bag. He hands the bag, which contains cash and a gun, to Salazar's gunmen, while both fugitives begin to negotiate. Based on information from Natara about Salazar behaviour, Amy's information on the geography of San Trobida, and Jeremy's accurate shots on Salazar's gunmen, Jacob manages to threaten the General by telling him he had placed bombs in his fields that can hurt innocents. Before Salazar can give a further threat or realize it's impossible for Jacob to put bombs in his field, Jacob tells them of a bomb in his gun. The gunmen drops it in panic and it explodes with thick smoke. After tackling the General, both wait until Maria Yeong and Jeremy comes to rescue them with a truck.

Thanks to Amy's directions and Jeremy's cover fire, they manage to escape until six barrelled miniguns are aimed at them. All of them jump out of the truck and are separated, except for Mal being with his father. Jacob assures him that they must trust that Jeremy and Captain Yeong will be back at the camp. Mal asks what his father would do after this. Jacob says it was his business, but Mal rejects that answer. In the end, Jacob says he would turn himself in after they are back.

After that, Salazar's truck containing the workers passes by them. They manage to slip until Jacob accidentally stepps on a branch. The father and son flee from them, facing spiders, quicksand and monkey grove on the way while Salazar's men fire at them. Both swing to another cliff and catch their breath until one of the gunmen manages to chase them. But before he could shoot them, Natara comes in and shoots the gunmen before dropping her rifle and embracing Mal in passionate kiss. Jacob Fallon is left at a loss for words before smirking at them.

Bonus Scene

Eight days before the rescue mission, Jeremy Redbird is standing outside the hospital before he meets Jacob Fallon. The older man asks him to be a gunner in his team for saving Mal, but Jeremy refuses because he doesn't like playing off the book.

Jeremy enters the hospital, finding Blaise desperately wanted to chase Jacob for rejecting her to be on the team. They argue about to her condition and accidentally Blaise says she wanted to be in the team so much because it's Mal. This convinces Jeremy to join the team, saying it was his own decision despite of the frown on his face when Blaise thanked him.

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