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The Firstborn reunites with his oldest friend to bring the Land of the Rising Sun to its knees...
Ronin is the sixteenth and last volume of Cause of Death. The volume title does not refer to the killer's name, Onryo, but the historical wandering samurai who had no lord or master. It is the third and final volume to be taken place not in San Francisco, but in Japan. There were no side murder chapters. The interlude features the Onryo as a child. Sunset is the volume finale as well as series finale.


Chp. Image Title Description Date
1 V16C1 Haunted The Firstborn's phantom disciple terrifies Japan, while Kai sees ghosts of his own... March 24, 2014
2 V16C2 Metamorphosis Kai investigates a dangerous cult as he takes on unfinished business from his year in Japan, finally revealed! April 8, 2014
3 Unfinished Business Unfinished Business Natara investigates a haunted rural village while Mal contends with the panic sweeping Tokyo... And the old nemesis sowing it! April 23, 2014
Int. None Promises and Compromises The saga of the Firstborn and the girl who would become the Onryo killer unfolds over decades of bloodshed and heartache... May 16, 2014
4 V16C4 Sunrise Terror takes Tokyo! Can the team stop the Firstborn and his phantom accomplice before it's too late? June 4, 2014
5 V16C5 The Red Room With Tokyo in the grip of panic, Kai squares off against an old friend, while Blaise seeks revenge against the Firstborn... June 20, 2014
6 V16C6 True Faces As the smoke clears, the team tries to pick up the pieces... But ghosts follow them home. July 4, 2014
7 V16C7 Sunset On this series finale, the Firstborn takes San Francisco hostage... And not everyone will make it out alive! July 16, 2014

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