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"The Firstborn"
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Mal, Natara, and the new Special Crimes Task Force pursue the Firstborn to London, where they uncover a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of government!

The Cleaners is the fifteenth volume of Cause of Death. Referring to the ones who forensically cleaned the murders, rather than committed them, the volume focuses on a series of government-related murders. The volume takes place in London, England the second volume to do this. While featuring the same cast members, it is the first to not involve the SFPD; rather, it includes the SCT. Chapters 5 and 6 involve a side murder, featuring Blaise. The volume includes two interludes, the second of which being a holiday interlude.


Chp. Image Title Description Date
1 553517 689864634375946 515946236 n Across the Pond Mal and Natara’s new task force heads to London to chase a lead on the Firstborn... But who will they leave behind? September 9, 2013
2 1382088 701203906575352 1359541013 n The Harrowing Truth Jeremy continues his investigation into the London disappearances... But can he trust Reed as his partner? September 30, 2013
3 1378556 712022782160131 1639105445 n Mixed Messages After uncovering a conspiracy to mask a series of murders, the team races against time to stop the next attack! October 14, 2013
Int. 537186 724372017591874 1054071930 n The Days We Remember How did Mal and Ken meet? Find out in this special interlude! October 28, 2013
4 559485 735300243165718 991206543 n Pretenders To foil the assassination of a beloved politician, Jeremy must go undercover with a ruthless London mob... November 11, 2013
5 1476348 745514378810971 1197958520 n Hanging by a Thread Blaise must confront her dark past when an old nemesis rises again... November 25, 2013
6 1467363 754548841240858 1746052588 n The End of the Rope With Bartaugh clinging to life, Blaise tracks down the elusive Puppet Master, unaware of her role in his grand scheme... December 9, 2013
Holiday Int. HolidayIntV15 Holiday Stories: Past & Presents What if Mal and Natara were Santa's detectives? What if Kai never came to San Francisco? Find out what happens in these hilarious holiday stories starring fan favorites, old and new! December 23, 2013
7 1517597 777977158898026 1916596068 n High Crimes Disavowed by the Crown, the task force must infiltrate Buckingham Palace to stop the most gruesome murders London has ever seen... January 15, 2014
8 15151 791384234223985 781923622 n Capital Punishment With the world watching, the team must prevent an assassination that would change London forever! February 6, 2014

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