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The Firstborn of legend is revealed! No one and nowhere is safe as Mal and Natara square off against a killer more ruthless and more brilliant than any they've ever faced...

The Firstborn is the fourteenth volume of Cause of Death. Referring to the biological child of Genevieve Collins, the volume is the first to include nine chapters, none of which featuring side murders. The interlude features Genevieve's son through his youth and adulthood before he was known as The Firstborn. Additionally, there is a short story appearing after Chapter 5 about the SFPD at a leadership retreat. 


Chp. Image Title Description Date
1 580401 629170703778673 69579230 n Joint Forces As the hunt for Firstborn heats up, the arrival of a special task force shakes up the S.F.P.D... And things will never be the same! May 20, 2013
2 429903 632740900088320 861089965 n Accelerant When Brimstone is attacked by a sinister master hacker, Amy turns to a still-traumatized Jeremy for help... May 27, 2013
3 943740 636303716398705 296478204 n Catch and Release Jeremy and Amy square off against a cyber-criminal and his elusive clients, but confronting their own pasts could prove far more dangerous! June 3, 2013
4 941545 640052629357147 1243210154 n One Step Ahead The Firstborn enlists a dangerous ally! Can Natara and the SCT uncover his deadly plot before it's too late? June 10, 2013
Int. 999002 643464379015972 2121388599 n Madness in Orbit The intertwining pasts of Genevieve and the Firstborn are finally revealed! June 17, 2013
5 1009896 647088011986942 1513000864 n Second Chances In the wake of the plane bombing, Natara and Mal must team up with their nemesis to unravel the Firstborn's true purpose! June 24, 2013
Story 1529 655052507857159 1480424080 n Retreats and Advances The team heads back to the leadership retreat! Sparks will fly, but will they be sparks of friction... Or of romance? July 8, 2013
6 1003469 658560450839698 560327401 n The Greater Good With their only lead dead, Natara and Mal will need Genevieve’s help to find the mysterious Lilith File before the Firstborn does! July 15, 2013
7 969174 662761833752893 1627371395 n Prodigal Son The body count grows as the Firstborn continues to unfurl his ultimate plan. Who will he target next? July 22, 2013
8 Nwo New World Order, Part 1 San Francisco is in chaos! Can the SFPD team defeat the host of horrors the Firstborn has unleashed upon the city? July 29, 2013
9 524394 670748886287521 269544633 n New World Order, Part 2 Trapped on a ghost ship, Mal and Natara discover they are the finishing touches on the Firstborn’s masterpiece of murder! August 5, 2013

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