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Someone is terrorizing the city with thousands of eight-legged minions... But that's not the only horror lurking in the shadows!

Spinnerette is the thirteenth volume of Cause of Death. As opposed to previous killers, deadly spiders released is the modus operandi of this killer. This is also the first volume to have a female killer as its main antagonist. The volume develops The Firstborn storyline towards the end. Chapters 2 and 3 is a side murder, also dealing with Mal's relationship with ex-partner, David Troy. The interlude doubles as both an April Fool's short story and Mal's meeting with Natara's father.


Chp. Image Title Description Date
1 482531 592030900825987 157979625 n The Creeping Darkness

An unexpected visitor shows up on Mal's doorstep... A grisly message is sent to the SFPD... And this is just the beginning!

March 4, 2013
2 540836 595504650478612 687787321 n Blood and Water While Denni begins her newspaper internship, Mal must contend with an old rival... His first partner, who's since become a national celebrity! March 11, 2013
3 380372 599097526785991 1862822833 n The Boys in Blue It's a race against time to clear Mal's name before his old partner can launch an investigation that would destroy the whole team! March 18, 2013
4 157044 602576706438073 1596269291 n Predator Unseen The body count rises as more people fall victim to deadly spider attacks! Mal and Natara follow the best lead they have... But will it be enough? March 25, 2013
Int. 527046 605744309454646 1201587456 n Perfect Getaway/ The Break-up In the wake of a fatal tragedy, Mal and Natara's relationship reaches its breaking point... April 1, 2013
5 59726 608830272479383 703368119 n Safety in Numbers The Ghost is back, and his machete is carving a path of death through California! It will take the whole team to stop him... But at what cost? April 8, 2013
6 532879 612105532151857 1509016734 n Ghosts Of The Past With one officer down, the team is reeling! Mal must hurry to find the Ghost's next target... A mysterious man from Genevieve Collins' past! April 15, 2013
7 27156 615395998489477 1677927108 n Spider To The Fly With Jeremy still out of commission, the team struggles to solve the mysteries piling up around them... Meanwhile, Denni may make the most deadly discovery of all! April 22, 2013
8 397971 618900784805665 121732261 n Brood Spinnerette has taken a hostage, and the team must mobilize to stop her at all costs! But what mysterious threat still lurks in the shadows? April 29, 2013

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