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A horrifying killer hiding inside closets... Will the hunt for the Boogeyman tear Mal and Natara apart?

The Boogeyman is the twelfth volume of Cause of Death. The volume antagonist is Boogeyman, a killer of abusive parents. Other storylines include Mal and Natara and Blaise and Jeremy's developing relationships. Chapters 2 and 3 is a side murder about a group of vigilantes and Chapter 5 and 6 about murders on a college campus -- both of which featuring Blaise and Jeremy as main characters. The interlude, rather than being after the fourth episode, is after the first, a crossover with Surviving High School. The volume is also the first to include a prologue for the next volume.


Chp. Image Title Description Date
1 V12C1 Monsters Among Us Mal and Natara are reunited and back on the job... Just in time to investigate a killing that is nothing short of horrifying! December 17, 2012
Int. 563734 550619741633770 1658554480 n Holiday Interlude: A Fallon Family Christmas Mal brings Natara along to visit his niece, Denni, in this special holiday crossover. December 24, 2012
2 557257 554309237931487 667705965 n Bloodlines, Part 1 When an old nemesis turns up dead, the investigation leads Blaise and Jeremy to one of San Francisco's most powerful families. December 31, 2012
3 602798 558159704213107 2081527900 n Bloodlines, Part 2 When an infamous attorney is kidnapped, Blaise and Jeremy uncover a secret society resurfacing after 150 years... January 7, 2013
4 385353 561607803868297 361643085 n Special Friend Natara and Mal are hot on the trail of the Boogeyman... But how do you stop a monster you can't even catch? January 14, 2013
5 734846 565577996804611 604660599 n The Old College Try, Part 1 To stop the spread of a lethal homemade drug, the team will have to go undercover... As college students! January 21, 2013
6 65198 569441756418235 530896836 n The Old College Try, Part 2 Jeremy goes back undercover to infiltrate the lab of a college drug ring... But one false move could blow everyone sky high! January 28, 2013
7 526374 576954915666919 506449281 n Nothing to Fear As the Boogeyman grows bolder, Mal and Natara find themselves at odds... Can they come together in time to stop the killer? February 4, 2013
8 555804 580883368607407 453230247 n Out of the Shadows In the nail-biting Volume 12 finale, the monstrous Boogeyman has taken a young girl back to his lair... Can Mal and Natara come together in time to save her? February 11, 2013

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