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The Salazar cartel has kidnapped Mal, and Natara will need all the help she can get to find him... And the clock is ticking...

The Salazars is the eleventh volume of Cause of Death. The volume develops the cartel side storyline into the main storyline, as well as finally concluding it after ten volumes. It is also the first to be set outside of San Francisco; rather, it is taken place in the fictional nation of San Trobida. There are necessarily no side murders in this volume. The interlude takes place in 2003, with Jacob Fallon, Mal's father, as the main character. The volume also features the return of Amy Chen after a near two-volume-long hiatus.


Chp. Image Title Description Date
1 V11C1 Best Served Cold As Natara investigates Mal's disappearance, Blaise and Jeremy stumble upon one of the strangest killings the precinct has ever seen... September 24, 2012
2 V11C2 Black Magic, Part 1 Mal's been kidnapped by the cartels... And finds himself working a truly terrifying case! October 1, 2012
3 V11C3 Black Magic, Part 2 Mal pursues the terrifying killer stalking San Trobida… And finds himself burdened with a very surprising partner! October 8, 2012
4 V11C4 Putting The Pieces Together As Blaise and Jeremy continue their hunt for the Torso Killer, Natara receives aid from an unlikely source... October 15, 2012
Int. V11INT Volume 11 Interlude Capt. Jacob Fallon's loyalties are tested, as Lt. Maria Yeong's investigation into police corruption reaches fever pitch. October 22, 2012
5 V11C5 Tangled Webs The day of Mal's execution draws close... And options are running out! October 29, 2012
6 V11C6 Wolf At The Gates Jacob has come to San Trobida to get his son back from General Salazar... And he isn't alone! November 5, 2012
7 V11C7 Love and War, Part 1 The team prepares to escape San Trobida... But an unexpected obstacle stands in their way! November 12, 2012
8 V11C8 Love and War, Part 2 The team launches a daring attack on General Salazar's stronghold... But not everyone is going to make it home. November 19, 2012

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