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As Natara prepares for her wedding to Oscar, a new villain wreaks havoc on San Francisco with mind-altering drugs!

Nightmare is the tenth volume of Cause of Death. Unlike previous volumes, rather than physically killing victims, murders are orchestrated through a fear-inducing drug that causes victims to kill themselves and or those around them. The volume also concentrates on Natara's upcoming wedding to Oscar. Chapters 2 and 3 is a side murder chapter at Geary High School, along with Chapter 5 and 6, featuring Blaise and Jeremy investigating the murder of a pastor. The mid-chapter interlude centers around Natara's bridal shower and Oscar's bachelor party.


Chp. Image Title Description Date
1 Fearandloathing Fear and Loathing In the aftermath of the Livewire investigation, Mal and Natara investigate a gruesome slaying... That leads them to the doorstep of a powerful pharmaceutical company. July 9, 2012
2 V10CH2 Truth or Dare, Part 1 Investigating the savage murder of a cheerleader, Mal and Natara must visit Mal's old high school. July 16, 2012
3 Truthordarept2 Truth or Dare, Part 2 Natara and Mal have the Geary High School Killer in custody... But what secret is she hiding? July 23, 2012
4 V10C4 Nightmare With the aid Dr. Selene Mensra, Mal and Natara must track down the scientist behind another fatal drugging. July 30, 2012
Int. V10INT Interlude What happens when Natara's bridal shower goes horribly wrong? And can Oscar and the boys survive a bachelor party planned by Kai? August 6, 2012
5 V10C5 In Fidelity, Part 1 Blaise Corso and Jeremy Redbird investigate the suspicious death of a local youth minister. August 13, 2012
6 V10C6 In Fidelity, Part 2 Blaise Corso and Jeremy Redbird continue their investigation... Into a sexy underground club?! August 20, 2012
7 V10C7 Love And Madness Mal and Natara find the secret laboratory of the rogue chemist... But what awaits them inside? August 27, 2012
8 V10C8 Death Do Us Part On the day of Natara and Oscar's wedding, an insidious plot threatens to ruin everything. September 3, 2012

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