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"Volume 2: The Connoisseur"

Detective Mal Fallon of the SFPD partners with FBI Special Agent Natara Williams to track down the Maskmaker, a terrifying serial killer.

The Maskmaker is the first Volume of Cause of Death, and is included in the base game available for free in the iTunes App Store. The Volume introduces protagonists SFPD Detective Mal Fallon and Special Agent Natara Williams, as they face against The Maskmaker, a killer who cut the faces of his victims and created masks out of them. There is a prologue and epilogue at the beginning and end of the volume, which act as the introduction and volume bonus scene, respectively.

In contrast to the volumes following, Volume 1 only has six chapters.


Chp. Title Description Date
1 Washed Up Mal is introduced as a detective, who has been released from suspension to join the Maskmaker Force to find the murderer. He is teamed up with Natara and together, they go to their first link to the murder. December 16, 2010
2 The Masks We Wear Mal and Natara continue their investigation as they follow their next link to the Italia Imports and Exports shop. December 16, 2010
3 Bad Medicine With no sufficient lead to go on, another killing has occurred. Can Mal and Natara locate the criminal before another innocent is killed? December 16, 2010
4 Buried Secrets Everyone is out searching for Dr. Rose and thinks he is the real Maskmaker, but is that true? December 16, 2010
5 Unmasked Mal and Natara have finally captured their first suspect, Dr. Rose, but is he really the suspect, or merely a cover-up? December 16, 2010
6 The Devil's Island The real Maskmaker is finally revealed, but now Amy is in danger! Can Mal and Natara save her and arrest the criminal without killing themselves? December 16, 2010


  • Officer William Rye is credited as Joe Bartaugh in subsequent volumes.

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