Vernon Xavier Frist
Vernon Frist
Embeds razors in his skin and rips them out to attack by surprise. He cannot distinguish faces, a rare neurological condition that compels him to cut the faces off of his female victims.
Real Name/Alias Vernon Frist
Born January 14, 1970
Died December 31, 2012 (age 42) (killed by Committees of Vigilantes)
Murder Career
Victims Four victims
M.O. Hides razors in his skin to cut the faces of his victims with them
Appearances Volume 6, 9 and 12
Status Sadist Mutilator
Motive Face blindness

Vernon Frist was a serial killer introduced in and featured as the main antagonist for the 2-part story arc encompassing the second and third chapters of Volume 6: Mad Stranger.

He was featured as a minor character later in that volume, before being killed in Bloodlines, Part 1 when he was hung by a group of vigilantes.

Early Life

Frist endured abuse from his stepfather, suffering cranial damage that led to prosopagnosia, or face blindness. Unable to determine people apart, Frist killed four women and carving off their faces, revealing a skull that his brain could comprehend. Arrested in the act, Frist corresponded through fan mail, building a cult of personality.


Shortly following the arrest of Genevieve Collins, the SFPD was tracking down a killer who would kill a woman every Friday night that purchased a black makeup kit from a prominent local store. By his fourth murder, he is arrested by Mal and Natara.

Flashing forward to V6C2, Vernon is on trial for his crimes (prosecutor Oscar Santos, public defender Catherine Krutzik), in which he holds the courtroom hostage with the help of one of his fancult followers. The situation is shortly taken in the control of Oscar and Natara. A mistrial, he is replaced on trial again and found guilty, although it is unknown if he was convicted for the murders, attempted murder, or both. He is sent to the San Quentin County Prison, where he was nearly released.

During his temporary release from the prison for exemplary behavior for garbage cleaning. Vernon was kidnapped by descendants of San Francisco's archaic Committees of Vigilantes and executed by hanging in an opera stage, his body later moved to be publicly displayed.




While Vernon's mistresses sincerely loved him, Vernon was particularly interested in how he could benefit from their easily manipulated personality and didn't care for them, having even hurt Janice, one of the mistresses, at one point.


Frist's defining trait is his Prosopagnosia, which, despite his otherwise normal eyesight, renders him incapable of properly seeing and recalling people's faces (forcing him to use social cues, voice and attire to keep people in mind). Vernon's inability to distinguish faces drove his anger and the reason behind his murders. Vernon was additionally manipulative of those such as his mistresses, using their blind and lost love for him for his own benefit.

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