Cause of Death episode
The Creeping Darkness
Volume 13, Episode 1
Creeping Darkness
Air date 11 February, 2013
Volume 13 guide [v]
1. The Creeping Darkness

2. Blood and Water
3. The Boys in Blue
4. Predator Unseen
~. Perfect Getaway
5. Safety in Numbers
6. Ghosts Of The Past
7. Spider To The Fly
8. Brood

Volume 12: The Boogeyman
Volume 14: The Firstborn
Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


An unexpected visitor shows up on Mal's doorstep... A grisly message is sent to the SFPD... And this is just the beginning!


Denni and Colt turn up on Mals doorstep looking for somewhere to stay as Denni is trying to get a internship the San Francisco Tribune.

There is a horrifying parcel at the SFPD doorstep which is Shawn Mallory's decapitated head with poisonous spiders inside it. Mal and Natara face a new child of Geniveves who uses poisonous spiders to paralyse and kill people and refers to the spiders as her 'children'. Mal and Natara are later worried over Denni's safety with the amount of serial killers in San Francisco and think she won't get the internship however they are left scared when Denni reveals she got the internship and will be living with Mal.

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