The Special Crimes Task Force, also known as the SCT, is a task force which recruits special agents or detectives from around the world to form a team to apprehend worldwide-know criminals. The force currently consists of Natara Williams, Mal Fallon, Blaise Corso, Jeremy Redbird, Amy Chen, Kai Kalaba and Reed Harrow, and are commanded by Maria Yeong. They are also currently based in Tokyo and is tracking down the Firstborn.

History of S.C.T:

The SCT was introduced in V14C1, consisting of Reed Harrow, Emma Lapointe, Boone Ligaya, and Dan Abraham. They infiltrated the house of a plastic surgeon in Denver, Colorado. They barely managed to escape a bomb that had been placed in the man's dead body.

Two months later, new SFPD Police Commissioner Maria Yeong brings the SCT in to help capture the Firstborn. At first, the SCT intended to lead the investigation and leave the SFPD in an advisory and backup role. However, Dan is captured by the Firstborn made to dress up like him, and is dropped off at the precinct, where he is killed by a sniper. After this, the SCT and SFPD agree to work more closely. Natara is then reassigned to the SCT, as the Firstborn case is of the highest priority.

In V14C4, the SCT gets a lead about a woman named Lilith Collins in Pasadena, and the SCT prepares to fly out there. However, the lead was falsified by the Firstborn, and Emma and Boone are killed when their plane explodes in midair. Reed manages to escape via the only remaining parachute, while Natara is kept from getting to the airport when the Centurion Biker Gang runs her off the road.

After the Firstborn's message is broadcast to the world, the SCT is reorganized, with Maria Yeong coordinating operations from San Francisco. She recruits Mal, Natara, Jeremy, Kai, Amy, and Reed to the SCT. Blaise joins the task force later.

The SCT has been tasked with stopping the killers around the world who have been re-activated by the Firstborn, and to ultimately bring the Firstborn himself to justice. A special prison has been started to house all these killers. So far, they have captured Gareth Kelly in London, and are currently investigating a serial killer in Tokyo.


  • It is shown in the bonus scene of V15C2 that Reed was recruited into the SCT by Emma Lapointe after he had faced off with the Firstborn, then known as Il Primo, in Italy.

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