Selene Anjali Mensra
Gender Female
Born March 22, 1980 (age 34)
Race Unknown
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Employer Scientist

Selene Mensra is a neurologist and one of the smartest and most qualified scientists in San Francisco. She was known for dating Mal Fallon in Volume 10 and for being one of the antagonists in that volume.

Early Life:

Motivated by her mother's Lyme disease-caused depression, the confident yet blunt Mensra was inspired to correct abnormal psychology from a chemical perspective and earned numerous doctorates in neurochemistry. While in school, she had a six-month affair with Professor Reese Gable, who over two years, secretly doused her with psychotropic drugs, gradually creating an alternative personality of complete obedience. Mensra joined pharmaceutical titan AcuoMetrics and led development on the experimental N-13, which her alter ego altered under Gable's orders to cause nightmarish hallucinations.

Appearances in CoD:

In the bonus scene of Nightmare (V10C4), Selene is revealed as the scientist behind the fatal N-13 drugging. She is arrested by Detective Blaise Corso in the bonus scene in Love And Madness (V10C7). It is revealed in Death Do Us Part (V10C8) that she has multiple personality disorder, which was chemically induced by Dr. Reese Gable to do his bidding. When she is her normal self, she has no memory of what she has done while in her other personality.

Her fledging relationship with Mal Fallon ended in her committal to a top rehabilitation facility. Hopes for recovery, however, are bleak.

Selene returns in V16C3, testing a new drug called N-14, or "Daydream". This new drug is able to repress feelings of bloodlust and terror. Having been given a second chance after the events of Volume 10, she is working with Rep. Laura Burke to test N-14 on the prisoners at the secret SCT prison underneath Alcatraz, such as Gareth Kelly. Selene has also made progress in her disorder, as she is seen using a jet injector to suppress her alter ego.

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