Cause of Death episode
Safety in Numbers
Volume 13, Episode 5
Air date 8 April, 2013
Volume 13 guide [v]
1. The Creeping Darkness

2. Blood and Water
3. The Boys in Blue
4. Predator Unseen
~. Perfect Getaway
5. Safety in Numbers
6. Ghosts Of The Past
7. Spider To The Fly
8. Brood

Volume 12: The Boogeyman
Volume 14: The Firstborn
Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


The Ghost is back, and his machete is carving a path of death through California! It will take the whole team to stop him... But at what cost?


Throughout the entire chapter (except for the introduction), the character is Detective Jeremy Redbird.

The chapter starts with the player being a hired contract bodyguard on a one-time gig protecting Dr. Leon Marquez, a cartel doctor with scars on his face. He is part of a detail protecting him. The limo is traveling along Interstate 5. Marquez is chatting on the phone with a friend. He talks about Shawn Mallory's murder in V13C1 and says that "our 'mutual friend' claims to not know who did it" and suggests that one of her children killed Mallory out of revenge (possibly the Spinnerette, as indicated by the V12C8 epilogue and the chapter's bonus scene). The detail notices a white towncar with windows tinted. Shortly after, the driver (The Ghost) pops the lower right tire with a throwing knife, sending the limo into a wreck. He kills Dr. Marquez and the other bodyguards (Depending on the player's choices, the bodyguard may either die of exsanguination from his arm's amputation or be decapitated by The  Ghost).

The player now switches to Detective Jeremy Redbird.     

Later that morning, Blaise enters the station exhausted from being in the hospital due to her mother's heart condition. Jeremy offers to help her. The team enters Lt. Charlie Anders's office. Blaise, displying her arachnophobia, refuses the case unless it does not have spiders in it. Anders threatens her with a little "exposure therapy." Anders introduces the case to the four detectives.

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