Rin Tanaka
Rin Tanaka
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Died June 11, 2014 (Killed by Kara Yan)
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Employer The Chrysalis

Rin Tanaka was the secondary antagonist of  the first five episodes that encompassed Volume 16. His defining story trait is how he, after being his friend during his trip to Japan years ago, became an archenemy and rival of Kai Kalaba. Tanaka became a member of the Chrysalis cult, a cult that worshipped the Onryo.

Early Life:

What is known of Rin's early life was seen in flashback in V16C2, as told by Kai Kalaba. In 2006, Rin was working as an accountant in Tokyo when his childhood friend Daisuke Inoue introduced him to Kai. The three of them became close friends, though Rin was the most serious of the trio. One thing they had in common was the feeling that they had failed themselves somehow, Unlike Daisuke and Kai, who didn't mind that their lives sucked, Rin became increasingly disillusioned with his miserable lifestyle.

One night, during an evening of drinks and dancing at Club Tonic, Rin became fascinated with the sight of men in black robes entering through a secret panel with the image of an origami butterfly. He became obsessed, wanting to know what was behind the secret panel. Eventually, he became more and more distant from his two friends, until disappearing altogether. Kai went down to the club and confronted Rin, who was now dressed in the black robes. He claimed that the Chrysalis gave his life a new meaning, and invited Kai to join him.

Convinced that Rin had been brainwashed, Kai decided to infiltrate the Chrysalis's lair by joining the cult. A month later, he was asked to kill one of the cult's prisoners as part of his initiation ceremony. Instead, Kai cut the prisoner's bonds and the two of them fled with Rin. Rin refused to leave, though, revealing that he had already been initiated. He had only defended Kai so that he wouldn't be seen helping Kai escape. After this, he fell off the grid completely for eight years.

Appearances in CoD:

In V16C4-5, Rin was part of the group that invaded the headquarters of the Keishicho and damaged the dispatch control. He and the other acolytes managed to take Kai, Amy Chen, Minako Fukui, and Kara Yan hostage. Rin revealed that he was "chosen" by the Firstborn to serve his greatest Prophet of Death. The hostages were then rescued, by Mal Fallon, Natara Williams, and Reed Harrow. Most of the acolytes were killed in the ensuing gunfight, but Rin managed to survive.

After the SCT regained control of the building, Rin confronted Kai and Kara. Rin wounded Kara in the stomach, knocking her unconscious. He wanted to show Kai "true freedom" by killing her. However, Kai sliced his Achilles' tendons and shoulders with broken glass in order to stop him. Kara then regained consciousness and stomped on Rin's throat, killing him.

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