Rick Tanaka
Rick Tanaka
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Died April 15, 2013 (Age unknown) (Murdered by The Ghost)
Race Asian
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Employer Millbrook Mental Institute
Rank Director, Doctor

Rick Tanaka was a minor character in Cause of Death, appearing as a side character in Volume 2 and mentioned in Volume 13.


Doctor Tanaka was the director of the Millbrook Mental Institute. Not much else is known about him.

During the second chapter of V2, Tanaka was met by Mal and Natara; after receiving (at the end of the previous episode) a suspiciously redacted profile of Eric Mills the Maskmaker, they met at the institute. During their visit with him, Tanaka was standoffish and refused to be cooperative without a warrant; he dismissed Natara and Mal after it was asked if he was the therapist.

Mal and Natara's trip did not prove fruitless entirely; on their way out, they encountered a badly mentally ill patient who, after a scuffle involving Tanaka, managed to lead Mal and Natara in the direction of Ramsey Brand.

It was mentioned during V13C5 that Tanaka was one of the victims of the recent murders committed by The Ghost, presumably people who knew of Genevieve Collins' location. This confirmed he was a member of Collins' conspiracy. His death/character was not shown during this chapter.


  • Before V13, it was largely presumed by fans that Tanaka was not a conspirator of the plot. However, it turns out that he was actually a conspirator in it, as revealed in V13.

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