Rebecca Resler
Rebecca Resler
Gender Female
Died August 8, 1990 volume one (devil's island)(Killed by Eric Mills AKA The Maskmaker and Brian Resler)
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Mother Suzanne Resler
Father Michael Resler
Brother Eric Mills (aka the Maskmaker and Brian Resler)

Rebecca Resler is the teenage older sister of Brian Resler, aka the Maskmaker and Eric Mills. Rebecca constantly abused her younger brother emotionally and physically and would call him a "disgusting stain". She also made him a mask to cover up the 'stain' in the family. In Volume 1, Chapter 6: The Devil's Island, it is revealed that her brother threw a rock at her head and she hit the water where he eventually drowned her. Her case was never solved. It was later revealed in volume one that once Brian Resler had successfully suffocated her while on the beach outside of the mental institution he would be put in. He turned her over, revealing the mask of sand on her face. Brian stated that the mask hid away all the sickness that she had and revealed her true face. This is the reason for the murder victims' plaster masks, and the name, The Maskmaker. Her brother Brian killed girls with reddish hair, because that was the color of his sister's hair.

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