Raj Mansingh
Gender Male
Race Asian (Indian)
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Employer Mansingh Transglobal
Rank President
Wife Anita Mansingh
Daughter Natara Williams, Neha Mansingh
Raj Mansingh is the father of Natara Williams and Neha Mansingh. He is the president of Mansingh Transglobal, making him the 113th richest man in the world. He is married to Anita. Raj is a well known, powerful and respected billionaire. Raj is regarded as a well educated, intelligent, businessman. He owns a well known private jet company.All he has ever wanted was greatness for his daughters and success. Ever since Natara was born, he wanted her to take over his company, thus raised her to be a strong, independent, fearless girl. However, her choice to pass the opportunity for a career in law enforcement, put a strain to their relationship. On the other hand, he raised Neha with a softer parenting approach, she most likely filled in the "Daddy's Little Girl" role. Regardless of his different parenting approach, both his daughters were given extravagant, privileged, and wealthy lifestyles. Nevertheless, Raj only wants what's best for him and his family at heart. 

Appearances in Cod

Raj briefly appears as one of the side characters in some of the CoD episodes.


  • In the premium content bit Secret Files, the biography of Natara Williams says that her father's name is Alok Mansingh while later in the holiday special A Cause of Death Christmas, his name is changed to Raj Mansingh.
  • He carries a knife with him, wherever he goes.
  • He helped in the rescue of Mal Fallon from San Trobida in Volume 11 by providing a private jet.
  • Raj attended Wharton Business School at UPenn.

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