HRH Prince Stuart
Prince Stuart
His Royal Highness, the Prince of England
Gender Male
Race English
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Employer British Royal Family
Rank Crown Prince of England,

Heir to the throne, First in line to the British throne

Mother Queen Mary

Prince Stuart is the Crown Prince of England and is the heir apparent to the throne, after his mother, Queen Mary.


Not much is known about him, except for the fact that he once served in the British military.

Appearances in CoD:

Volume 15:

He is first introduced in V15C7 to be on television, ranting about how the safety of the English citizens' life has been affected due to the amount of killing going on. He is later shown to be in the Diamond Jubilee Party dancing with a foreign duchess, and complaining about being only a figurehead in the government of England.

In V15C8, he is revealed to be the target of the Dismemberment Case Perpetrator, and is almost killed, but is saved by Jeremy Redbird. Later, he is shown to be berating Commissioner Henry Dunn for his incapability to apprehend the killer beforehand and for disrupting the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Party. He orders Henry to personally apologize to the Queen and orders him to apologize to the SCT's members for making their lives difficult.

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