Cause of Death episode
Volume 3, Episode 1
Air date February 11, 2011
Volume 3 guide [v]
February 11, 2011 - April 1, 2011
  1. Prey
  2. Broken Hearted, Part 1
  3. Broken Hearted, Part 2
  4. Hunter, Hunted
  5. Lights, Camera, Murder, Part 1
  6. Lights, Camera, Murder, Part 2
  7. Savage
  8. The Wild Hunt
Volume 2: The Connoisseur
Volume 4: Zero

Prey is the first chapter of Volume 3. It aired on February 11, 2011.

Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


Genevieve Collins revealed. Mickhail Volk dead. And all this was just the beginning!


A woman runs away from a masked man in Golden State Park as he shoots at her. She runs into a jogger, who is quickly killed by the hunter. As she enters a bison paddock, she is shot in the chest, and the hunter kills her by slicing her open with a bowie knife.

Mal Fallon and Ken Greene are chasing after Kevin Jackson down an alleyway. Mal follows Kevin across a busy street by jumping on top of cars and tackles him. After handcuffing him, Mal gets a call from Captain Yeong, telling him and Natara to get to Golden Gate Park immediately.

Natara Williams and Shawn Mallory are reviewing evidence in Genevive Collin's trophy room. Shawn offers to help her with the case, at which time Mal calls and says he's coming to pick her up. Natara says she has to go, and Shawn suggests they meet at his house later, which she accepts.?

After getting into the car, Mal asks if Shawn's okay, and Natara is surprised and pleased that Mal is showing concern. Mal says Shawn may be a tool, but he's the right tool for the job.

At the park, Mal and Natara are questioned by repoter Tasha King, but Mal brushes her off. Captain Yeong tells them that currently, the public only knows that a jogger has been murdered. Mal asks what they're holding back, and the captain tells them for see for themselves.

In the bison paddock, all that's left of the second victim is a pile of guts. The killer had taken the heart and the liver. Natara says she had gone hunting before, and this human had been field dressed like wild game.

Later at the station, Tasha King is on the news, talking about the second body bag at the crime scene and wondering what the police is covering up. Mal remarks that she is pretty hot. The two of them get called down to the crime lab.

In the lab, Amy gives them more information on the case. She tells them that the jogger, John Pacer, ran the same time every day, and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The second victim, Molly Dearborne, was a member of the activist ANIMAL, which focused factory farms and slaughterhouses that impacted the enviroment. The two bullets were .38 caliber hunting rounds, and the ballistics report shows that the rifle used in the killing belonged to Ryan Orville, who had done time for assault and armed robbery. His family also owned a slaughterhouse in Morago that had been shut down due to lawsuits by ANIMAL. Amy sends Ryan Orville's records to their squad car.

Mal and Natara arrive at Orville Meats, a slaughterhouse. As they walk towards the entrance, Mal notices a sniper rifle in a window and pushes Natara to cover as shots are fired. Natara tells Mal that the shooter shot 7 times before reloading. By counting and timing the shots, Mal manages to reach the entrance, but he finds the killer gone and only bullet casings at the window. Natara follows him into the slaughterhouse, and offfers to check the refridgerated meat storage room, while Mal goes into the slaughter pens.

Mal searches the first and second pens, which are empty, and radios Natara, but gets no response. Mal speculates this might be the walls of the freezer. At the third pen, the masked gunman attacks him with a bowie knife. Mal dodges the attacks, and the masked man flees. Mal follows him out the rear exit and at gunpoint, tells him he's under arrest. The man turns around and tells him that the wild hunt had just begun, and from within the factory they hear Natara yell out Mal's name. The masked man tells Mal he could either save her or arrests him. Mal decides grudgingly to rescue Natara, but tells the man they're not done yet.

As Mal runs inside he hears the man's truck drive away. Mal kicks open the door to the freezer and finds Natara inside, who says the man ambushed her, and she's not sure why she's alive. Mal also adds that most criminals would prefer avoiding cops, but the man was looking forward to a rematch. Natara says they will take him down, but she first had something to show him. She leads him deeper into the freezer, where there is the body of Molly Dearborne, as well as six other women.

Bonus Scene

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