Cause of Death episode
One Step Ahead
Volume 14, Episode 3
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Air date 10 June, 2013
Volume 14 guide [v]
1. Joint Forces

2. Accelerant
3. Catch and Release
4. One Step Ahead
Int. Madness In Orbit
5. Second Chances
6. The Greater Good
7. Prodigal Son
8. New World Order, Part 1
9. New World Order, Part 2

Volume 13: The Spinnerette
Volume 15: The Cleaners
One Step Ahead is the fourth chapter of Volume 14. It was released on June 10, 2013.
Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


The Firstborn enlists a dangerous ally! Can Natara and the SCT uncover his deadly plot before it's too late?


The Firstborn enters a bar occupied by the Centurion Biker Gang, searching for their leader, Caesar Haas. He is stopped by Slade, a Centurion, but Firstborn easily takes him out, intimidating the gang members into leading him to Haas. He meets Haas and blackmails him into working for him.

Mal and Blaise investigate the murder of a member of the Polecat gang, who are rivals with the Centurion biker gang. They meet Slade in the Centurion's bar, but when they question him about the Firstborn he attacks them. Bikers surround Mal and Blaise, and they take out the biker gang together. However, Caesar Haas escapes through a back door. Mal pursues him but has to take cover before Caesar shoots at his direction with a sawed off shotgun, allowing Cassar to escape on him motorcycle.

Natara and the SCT pick up the Firstborn's trail. They receive a new lead in Southern California, and despite Natara's reluctance, she decides to leave San Francisco to hunt down the Firstborn. On her way to the airport, Natara gives Mal a call, but she is interupted by a group of Centurions. She returns fire as the bikers flee in panic, but the car tumbles into a ditch. Natara crawls out banged up but alive. She realizes that the Firstborn knew where she was going and set a trap for the rest of the SCT. She tries to call Emma but is unsuccessful. She asks Amy to help connect to the SCT's plane.

Emma, Boone, and Reed receive a call from Natara warning them that it's a trap. They realize the trap is the plane and that it is either a mechanical sabotage or an explosive. They frantically search for the bomb. During the search, Emma realizes that all the parachutes are missing. Boone finds the bomb and defuses it, but Emma finds four more bombs with only seconds left. Emma takes Boone's hand with the last words of "it's been an honor". Then the plane explodes.

Bonus Scene

Mal, Natara, Kai, and other policeman walk through the remains of the destroyed plane surrounded by dead bodies. Kai finds a parachute with someone in it who may still be alive.

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