Gender Male
Born Unknown
Race American
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Employer Moebius
Rank Leader

Nemesis (also known as Casper Ricci) is the leader of the domestic terrorist cell, "Moebius". He is currently in solitary confinement and is pending trial. He is the main antagonist of the side story Kai Hard.


The elusive leader of the domestic terrorist cell, "Moebius", Nemesis is dedicated to the forced dismantling of the U.S drone program. His use of decoys kept his appearance unknown until recently. Various decoys have been claimed that his brother was murdered while studying abroad in the Middle East in response to a U.S drone strike that destroyed an elementary school. The Dept. of Defense has refused to confirm such an attack, limiting the ability to investigate the claim, and thus Nemesis' identity.

Appearances in CoD:

He first appeared in _________ <big TO BE ADDED

He was apprehended when S.F.P.D forensic technician Kai Kalaba foiled a threatened suicide bombing of a San Francisco museum's booster gala.

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