Minako Fukui
Sergeant Minako Fukui
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Employer Keishicho (Tokyo Metropolitan Police)
Rank Sergeant

Sergeant Minako Fukui appears in Volume 16 and is part of the Occult Crimes Division of the Keishicho. She is currently working together with the SCT to track down one of the Firstborn's re-activated killers in Tokyo.


Minako is introduced in V16C1 as the SCT's liaison in Tokyo. In contrast with London's Micah Booker, she is friendly with the SCT from the outset and willing to accept their help, although she is slightly annoyed with Kai's behavior towards her. She is revealed to be part of the Occult Crimes division of the Keishicho, which investigates crimes that are paranormal in appearance.

In V16C3, Minako is attacked by the Onryo in the burned-out Hayashi house in the village of Himura. She is nearly killed, but is saved by Kai. In the episode's bonus scene, she expresses gratitude towards him for saving her life and apologizes for having the wrong impression about him. The two of them nearly kiss, but are stopped before they can.


  • It is revealed in V16C2 that in 2006, Minako was at the bar where the Chrysalis's hideout is located the same night Kai Kalaba confronted his friend Rin Tanaka. The implications of this are currently unknown.
  • Minako was originally in the Anti-Gang division of the Keischicho, but was demoted to Occult Crimes for insubordination. She considers Occult Crimes to be a graveyard assignment.

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