Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores
Gender Male
Died December 14, 2010 (Shot by Mal Fallon)
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Employer The Flores cartel
Rank Drug runner
Father Esteban Flores (Deceased)
Brother Carlito Flores (Deceased)
Appearing in V1C3, Miguel Flores is the older brother of Carlito Flores and the eldest son of Esteban Flores.

Appearance in CoD:

In V1C3, a crime scene investigation of the Maskmaker's last victim (Brittany Emerson) reveals that a syringe of poison's serial numbers pointed to that of one Doctor Christian Rose. While other cops investigated his home, Mal and Natara went to his warehouse (that he once used for illegal surgeries); there they found Rose (still using it as such) operating on Miguel trying to remove a bullet wound from him. Miguel had two bodyguards with him.

After a brief yet tense argument, Miguel and his two bodyguards engage in combat with Mal and Natara; during the fight, Rose escapes whilst Miguel is killed by Mal or Natara; it should be noted that irregardless of which actions the player takes to decide which of them kills Miguel, the story acts as if Mal is the one who did it (but this is somewhat justified seeing as to how if the player is playing for 600/600 Det. Points in the Volume, then Mal will kill Miguel, but it is possible to complete the episode without a game over by gettign Natara to kill him).


Although he didn't appear much or play much at all of a role in the story, Miguel's death was the catalyst of an on-and-off story arc that opened in Volume 2 and did not acheive proper closure until Volume 11, when it awakened a massive vengance in Carlito Flores, his younger brother (whose Secret Files entry implied he had an inferiority complex towards Miguel), and Esteban Flores, his father.

The immediate cause of the vendetta, in the next volume, was Carlito unsuccessfully trying to use an assassin to defeat Mal. This story arc between Carlito, Esteban and Carlito's fiancee Esmeralda Salazar played roles in Volumes 2, 4, 6, 9 and 11.

Personality and Life

In V2C2, Esme, when criticizing Mal's decision to shoot Miguel, mentions that Miguel had both a now-widowed wife and a child, neither of whom were ever seen or mentioned in the game again.

He was described in V2C3 by Ken Greene to be fully loyal and devoted to his dad, and was mentioned by Natara Williams in V1C3 to be accused of 16 gangland murders.

Not having appeared in Secret Files, his date of birth is unknown, but since he is Carlito's older brother he must've been born before 1987.

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