Micah Booker
Inspector Micah Booker
Gender Male
Race English
Hair Grey
Eyes Brown
Employer London Metropolitan Police
Rank Detective Chief Inspector

Inspector Micah Booker appeared in Volume 15 and worked together with the SCT to track down the Dismemberment Case Perpetrator in London.


Micah first appears in V15C1 investigating the disappearance of MP Basil Frost. He is initially cold and brusque with Mal Fallon and Natara Williams. He feels that the SCT is invading his turf and is insulted by it, and thinks that they, being Americans, don't know what they're doing. These feelings are seemingly confirmed when Mal chases down the paparazzo Rupert Cavill, which leads to word about the case being leaked to the public.

In V15C3, Micah accompanies Mal to try to stop the Dismemberment Case Perpetrator from claiming his latest victim, Lucy Bassett. However, he is briefly taken hostage by him on the roof of the apartment building. Micah nearly falls off the roof, but is saved when Mal swings him into a nearby dumpster. This leads to Micah beginning to respect Mal and the SCT more.

Then in V15C7, Micah helps the SCT infiltrate Buckingham Palace after Scotland Yard orders them out of the country. In V15C8, Micah helps the SCT dispose of Commissioner Henry Dunn and the Palace guards after they try to remove the SCT from the premises. He orders Mal to punch him and knock him out, so it won't look like he helped them and thus jeopardize his career. After the capture of the killer, Micah announces his retirement from Scotland Yard to spend more time with his family. After warning Mal and Natara not to let their jobs consume them, he and the SCT part on much better terms than when they first met.

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