Cause of Death episode
Love and War, Part 2
Volume 11, Episode 8
Air date November 19, 2012
Volume 11 guide [v]
September 24, 2012 - November 19, 2012

1. Best Served Cold
2. Black Magic, Part 1
3. Black Magic, Part 2
4. Putting The Pieces Together
~. Interlude
5. Tangled Webs
6. Wolf At The Gates
7. Love and War, Part 1
8. Love and War, Part 2

Volume 10
Volume 12

Love and War, Part 2 is the eighth and final chapter of Volume 11. It was released on November 19, 2012.

Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


The team launches a daring attack on General Salaraz's stronghold... But not everyone will make it home.


The team begins the attack on General Pablo Salazar's stronghold, aided by the rebels. Mal, Natara, Amy and Jeremy prepare to infiltrate the building, while Maria Yeong is to coordinate tha attack. Jacob Fallon isn't coming. As Mal breaches Salazar's gate, Kai provides his cover by using a tank. Amy and Jeremy go deep into the building, kill some guards, and extract information from the systems, revealing that a lot of soldiers are coming their way. Meanwhile Mal enters Salazar's office, where the General waits with a rifle. Mal pulls his gun on him but Carlito Flores and his wife Esmeralda Salazar are also in the room. Mal reveals that it was Esme who killed Carlito's father Esteban, and a heartbroken Carlito reacts by killing Esme after she confesses. In retaliation the General shoots and kills him, and Mal shoots Salazar and leaves with Natara. However, the General isn't dead... Outside, Mal and Natara are awaited by the new soldiers and are about to be murdered when Jacob arrives in a helicopter. He shoots some of the soldiers and the agents get in the vehicle and fly away, evading heavy artillery. Pablo Salazar sends missiles after them, causing the helicopter to crash in the forest. Jacob is heavily wounded, and Mal and Natara are forced to leave him after saying their goodbyes, making their way back to the rebel compound. Sometime later, the General and some soldiers arrive at the crash site. He thinks that Jacob is defenseless and prepares to shoot him, but Jacob outplays him once again by detonating a bomb that survived the helicopter's fall, taking both their lives. Mal, Natara, Amy, Kai, Jeremy and Maria leave San Trobida in the Mansingh plane. Gabriel Soto and his men begin to rebuild the freed nation, and Mal is devastated by the loss of his father, but happy at the thought of going home with Natara.

Bonus Scene

Blaise unveils to Jeremy the mystery behind the cannibal, and Amy retreats from Brimstone to move back to the SFPD. At the end of the bonus scene, we get to witness Mal standing next to his father's tomb and bidding him farewell.

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