Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.

1. What do you say? ---> Actually, I do.

2. What do you do? ---> Watch another clip.

3. What do you do? ---> Interrogate Danny.

4. What should you say? ---> Ease up.

5. What do you say? ---> We lost sight of him.

6. Unless... ---> She hired someone to stage an attack.

7. What do you do? ---> Talk about guns.

8. What do you do? ---> Let it slide.

9. What do you do? ---> Clear your throat!

10. What do you say? ---> Let's get started.

11. What do you do? ---> Go along with it.

12. He lied to us about… ---> Paula's whereabouts.

13. What do you do? ---> Stay still!

14. What do you say? ---> Your movie!

15. What do you do? ---> Don't shoot!

16. Where do you step? ---> Concrete! (three times)

17. What do you do? ---> Fire shots into the air!

18. What do you do? ---> Grab!

19. What do you say? ---> I saw your movie.

20. What do you say? ---> I know your profile.

21. What do you say? ---> You're a megalomaniac

22. What do you do? ---> Pull the trigger.

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