Cause of Death episode
Life Lessons, Deadly Desires
Volume Special Short Story Collections, Episode 4
Air date August 20, 2012
Volume Special Short Story Collections guide [v]
  1. Love and Bullets
  2. First Date, First Kiss, First Kill
  3. Buried Secrets, Buried Lives
  4. Life Lessons, Deadly Desires
  5. A Cause of Death Christmas
  6. Cause of Death Valentine's Special
  7. Halloween Special: Undying Love
  8. Holiday Stories: Past & Presents
  9. Secret Files
  10. Secret Files 02
Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


See what happens when Mal and Natara share a personal moment at Neha's college... Cheer as the precinct faces off against the Oakland PD... And, in a special flashback, see Eric Mills' first ever kill!


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