Leon Marquez Lazoya
Gender Male
Born September 10, 1950
Died April 14, 2013 (Age 62) (Beheaded by The Ghost)
Hair Grey
Eyes Brown
Employer Flores Cartel (formally), Salazar Cartel (formally)
Dr. Leon Marquez was the man who revived Shawn Mallory after the events of Volume 5. He appears to be an older man of hispanic descent and seemingly has ties to the organized crime cartels.


Chief doctor of the Flores cartel before being folded into Salazar operations, Marquez was responsible for nursing ex-FBI Agent Shawn Mallory back to health after his near-fatal plunge from the San Francisco Bay, using unprecedented, experimental procedures. United Nations investigations into the colapse of the San Francisco regime in San Trobida found evidence of unethical testing of impure narcotics on villagers, experiments believed to have been conducted under Marquez personally, under Salazar's orders. Marquez knew Genevieve Collins through his cellmate, Angel Dominguez.

Appearances in CoD:

In the Volume 13 Prologue, an unknown person, later revealed to be the Firstborn, confronted Shawn and asked him about the locations of three people -- The Ghost, Leon Maquez, and the Firstborn himself (to check if anyone knew of him). Shawn revealed their locations before being decapitated.

Then, in V13C5, whilst speaking to a man on the phone while in his limo, Leon Marquez and his 3 extremely muscular bodyguards are all ambushed and successfully killed by The Ghost

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