Leah Roberts
Alias Spinnerette
Gender Female
Born October 24, 1980
Died April 29, 2013 (age 32; Stabbed by Firstborn)
Race Caucasian
Hair Red
Employer San Fransisco Tribune
Rank Online Editor

Leah Roberts, infamously known as Spinnerette, was the Online Editor for the San Francisco Tribune and Denni Fallon's boss. She used her connections with the Tribune to kill whistleblowers in the union dispute who she considered "weak." She was the main antagonist of Volume 13.

Early Life:

Born Leah Dalton, she was the only survivor of a Striped Recluse infestation in the village where her father worked as a missionary in the island nation of Tibay. After disappearing, she changed her name nearly a half dozen times before working her way up the ladder in the Tribune under her current name. Somewhere along the way, she met Genevieve Collins and became one of her "children," attempting to do what no other had been able to do: make trophies out of Mal Fallon and Natara Williams.

Appearances in CoD:

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 3.39.02 PM

Leah Roberts

After killing several victims and abducting Mal Fallon's niece, Denni, she lured Fallon, Natara Williams, and Blaise Corso to her lair. After attempting to kill Mal with a queen Striped Recluse, Leah was stabbed and killed by the mysterious threat that the Ghost had warned of in Angel Dominguez' cabin, revealed to be Genevieve Collins' biological son, Alex, AKA "The Firstborn."



Spinnerette used deadly Striped Recluses, fictional spiders whose venom causes instant paralysis & death within the hour. A few days later, she returns to the body where the spiders have nested inside & laid their eggs, removing their silk-cocooned hearts from their chests as her trophy. In V13C5, it is shown that she also uses poison-dipped needles, attacking the Ghost with one.


  • Leah was shown throughout the volume to be able to have the spiders crawl on her skin without being bitten & dying, suggesting some sort of natural immunity to the venom. Although an immunity would explain how the venom is of no danger to her, the fact that the spiders do not even bite her is somewhat peculiar.
  • In V14 Interlude, Firstborn was revealed to have planted a spider in Shawn Mallory's eye to attract the SFPD to Spinnerette.

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