Laura Marie Burke
Gender Female
Born October 7, 1948
Died July 4, 2014 (age 65); explosion caused by Selene Mensra
Race American
Hair white
Eyes grey
Rank House of Representatives, CA, 12th District
Son Merritt Burke

Laura Burke was the Representative of California's Twelfth District in the US.


Rep. Laura Marie Burke was San Franciso's represntative in Congress and was widely beloved in the region for her numerous infrastructure initiatives, winning every election since Jake Collins vacated the seat to run in the Senate. Described as one of the three pillars in the city, along with the Tesch and Tell families, Burke invested in socioeconomic equality programs nearly all of the personal wealth she accrued as an industrialist magnate.

Appearances in CoD:

She first appears in V12C3, where tragedy struck her family when her son, Merritt, attempted to rekindle his ancestors' nineteenth century vigilante group, the Committee of Vigilance, and murdered ex-con, Vernon Frist.

She then appears in V15C6, to be part of the plan in getting Blaise to kill the Puppet Master and tells Alan Song that Blaise will "come around eventually". It is unknown as to what other plans she has.

In V16C3, Burke is seen touring the SCT's prison underneath Alcatraz alongside Seth Holland. She is revealed to be in charge of biochemical research on the occupants of the prison, in exchange for U.S. government funding for the SCT. Having given Dr. Selene Mensra a second chance, they are testing a new drug called N-14, or "Daydream", which represses feelings of bloodlust and terror. The goal appears to be greater rehabilitation at prisons all over the world. 

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