Lance Boggs
Lance Boggs
Hair Dirty Blonde
Eyes Brown
Employer Italia Imports and Exports
Rank Owner

Lance Boggs is the owner of Italia Imports and Exports. He appears as a minor character in the second and fifth chapters of Volume 1. Natara Williams describes him as an "unprincipled narcissist with an innate compulsion to impress those around him."

He first appeared in Chapter 2, when data analyst Amy Chen points out that there is only store in the greater S.F. Area that sells the type of plaster used in the Maskmaker killings; Italia Imports and Exports. Mal and Natara went to his store (the tone of the encounter varies based on the player choice). Upon Boggs' unsuccessful attempt to flee upon him letting it slip that he knows the name of the third victim (Sophie Patterson) despite the fact that the police were withholding such information at the time, he confesses that he had been talking to a person claiming to be The Maskmaker. His store was left after Mal and Natara pursued the Maskmaker impersonator, who turned out to be Marvin Clemente.

He briefly appeared again in Chapter 5 when he was denied permission to inspect The Maskmaker's (supposed) house, and has not appeared since.

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