Kayla Dorne
Gender Female
Race American
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Employer Oakland PD (formally), SFPD (presently)
Boyfriend Kai Kalaba (one-night-stand)
Kayla Dorne is the new forensic scientist in the SFPD. She acts as a replacement for Kai Kalaba after he joined the SCT and relocated in London.

Early Life:

Not much is known about her, except for the fact that she is incredibly smart.

Appearances in CoD:

Kayla first appeared in the side story L.E.A.D.E.R, where she was part of the OPD (Oakland Police Department), whose biggest rival was the SFPD. There, she met Kai Kalaba, and though the two started off as enemies at first, they ended up having a one-night-stand, which resulted in both the SFPD and the Oakland Police Department getting disqualified.

She then appears in V15C6 as the new forensic scientist, replacing Kai Kalaba. She aids Blaise Corso in the investigation of the Puppet Master and through hard work, is able to find a piece of hair that has a 100% match with the Pupper Master's DNA. However, she is pissed when she finds out that Blaise had already had a conversation with the Puppet Master and yet did not state that in the investigation report.

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