Cause of Death episode
Joint Forces
Volume 14, Episode 1
Air date 20 May, 2013
Volume 14 guide [v]
1. Joint Forces

2. Accelerant
3. Catch and Release
4. One Step Ahead
Int. Madness In Orbit
5. Second Chances
6. The Greater Good
7. Prodigal Son
8. New World Order, Part 1
9. New World Order, Part 2

Volume 13: The Spinnerette
Volume 15: The Cleaners

Joint Forces is the first chapter and the season premiere of Volume 14. It was released on May 20, 2013.


As the hunt for Firstborn heats up, the arrival of a special task force shakes up the S.F.P.D... And things will never be the same!


Three months before the events in Spinnerette's lair, a team consisting of Interpol Inspector Emma Lapointe, FBI Agent Dan Abraham, Contractor Boone Ligaya, and Special Forces member Reed Harrow raid a house they believe to belong to a serial killer known as Cain (Firstborn). After fighting their way inside, they discover that the murderer knows they're on his trail, and flee before an explosive detonates in the basement. Agent Abraham predicts that Cain will keep moving west toward California and tells the team to reach out to every major police department.

Present day, Agent Natara Williams and Detective Mal Fallon report to the precinct and meet newly elected mayor of San Francisco Seth Holland, and Maria Yeong, who he promoted to SFPD Police Commissioner. Lt. Charles Anders introduces everyone to the SCT, consisting of Emma, Boone, and Reed. Dan is running late, and no one knows where he is. Speaking to Mal, Blaise, Natara, and Jeremy privately, Emma reveals that the SCT will be muscling out the SFPD as the main investigator in the case. As Mal protests, a man matching Firstborn's description, with bandages wrapped around his head, is dropped outside the police station. The man believed to be the killer is downed by a sniper shot, and when the bandages are removed, the man is revealed to be Dan Abraham. The sniper continues firing and Mal, Emma, and Natara rush to confront him. Reaching the roof of a hotel, a large explosion knocks Mal unconcious and kills the gunman. With the death of Agent Abraham, and the Firstborn turning into a top priority, Natara's loaned services to the SFPD are halted and are transferred to the SCT.

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