Cause of Death episode
In Fidelity, Part 2
Volume 10, Episode 6
Air date August 20, 2012
Volume 10 guide [v]
July 9, 2012 - September 3, 2012

1. Fear and Loathing
2. Truth or Dare, Part 1
3. Truth or Dare, Part 2
4. Nightmare
~. Interlude
5. In Fidelity, Part 1
6. In Fidelity, Part 2
7. Love And Madness
8. Death Do Us Part

Volume 9: Livewire
Volume 11

In Fidelity, Part 2 is the sixth chapter of Volume 10. It was released on August 20, 2012.

Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


Blaise Corso and Jeremy Redbird continue their investigation... Into a sexy underground club?!


Detective Blaise Corso and Detective Jeremy Redbird approach a hostess at the club, telling her that they are police officers. After the hostess assures them that they aren't there about the club, they tell her that they're there about the bludgeoned victim, Jason Zoughlin, and show her a picture. She takes them to an almost bare room, where the club owner, Jasper Kinsey, cleans down some items. After asking him about the victim, Jasper exits the room, supposedly to collect Zoughlin's records from his office. Once he leaves, the hostess murmurs to herself, and tells Blaise and Jeremy that the room Jasper when into was not to the door that leads to his office. After figuring out that Jasper is rabbiting, Blaise chases him. After a brief struggle, Blaise pins Jasper down, finding a vial of GHB on him.

Down at the station, Blaise interrogates Jasper. After Jeremy shows him a picture of Jason, Blaise states that Jason preached to his clientele. However, Jasper denies that his preaching upset him, and did quite the opposite. Blaise and Jeremy discover that Jasper, Jason, and Jason's fiancee, Laura Wyle were all in a relationship together, which Laura Wyle confirms.

In the lab, Kai tells Blaise and Jeremy that the weapon was long and narrow and that he found splinters of wood in Jason's head. Upon reminicense, Blaise concludes that the weapon was a cane. She tells them that she thinks she knows who the murderer is.

An angry confrontation erupts at Earl Zoughlin's house and it's revealed that he killed Jason for having a relationship with both Jasper and Laura, and that he gave his wife peace by killing her as well.

Bonus Scene

In this scene, Mal and Natara are talking about a lead in their current case. Natara is shown under a great deal of stress because she thought that the case would be over by now. The fact that she still needs to plan her wedding and also because her family is in town adds to her stress. Mal almost gets up the courage to take her hand but is distracted by a text from Kai. The two of them laugh over Kai's funny text and enter a building with guns drawn.

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