Cause of Death episode
In Fidelity, Part 1
Volume 10, Episode 5
Air date August 13, 2012
Volume 10 guide [v]
July 9, 2012 - September 3, 2012

1. Fear and Loathing
2. Truth or Dare, Part 1
3. Truth or Dare, Part 2
4. Nightmare
~. Interlude
5. In Fidelity, Part 1
6. In Fidelity, Part 2
7. Love And Madness
8. Death Do Us Part

Volume 9: Livewire
Volume 11

In Fidelity, Part 1 is the fifth chapter of Volume 10. It was released on August 13, 2012.

Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


Blaise Corso and Jeremy Redbird investigate the suspicious death of a local youth minister.


7 year old John Riggins plays hide and seek with his older sister, Stacy. In search of his sister, John ventures into a dark alley. Two hands grab him from behind, but they're revealed to be Stacy's hands. Stacy points out a pair of feet hanging out from a garbage can. As she approaches them, some cardboard boxes fall, revealing a corpse with a bludgeoned head. 

Detectives Blaise Corso & Jeremy Redbird are brought in to find the murder of the man found dead in the dumpster, whose name is Jason Zoghlin, son of Earl Zoghlin, TV evangelist. After talking to Jason's fiancee, Laura Wyle, they track down a gang that Jason was helping out. They say they have no connection to the murder. The search brings Blaise & Jeremy to a sex club. 

Bonus Scene

Amy and Kai briefly catch up with each other over the phone.

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