Cause of Death episode
Holiday Stories: Past & Presents
Volume Special Short Story Collections, Episode 8
Air date 23 December 2013
Volume Special Short Story Collections guide [v]
  1. Love and Bullets
  2. First Date, First Kiss, First Kill
  3. Buried Secrets, Buried Lives
  4. Life Lessons, Deadly Desires
  5. A Cause of Death Christmas
  6. Cause of Death Valentine's Special
  7. Halloween Special: Undying Love
  8. Holiday Stories: Past & Presents
  9. Secret Files
  10. Secret Files 02

Holiday Stories: Past & Presents is a special short story to commemorate 2013's Christmas Day.

Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


What if Mal and Natara were Santa's detectives? What if Kai never came to San Francisco? Find out what happens in these hilarious holiday stories, starring fan favorites, old and new.


There are two side stories in this episode.

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