Henry Dunn
Gender Male
Race English
Hair Gray
Eyes Brown
Employer London Metropolitan Police
Rank Police Commissioner of London

Henry Dunn is the police Commissioner of London. He is the English counterpart of Captain Maria Yeong.


Not much is known about him.

Appearances in CoD:

Volume 15:

Henry Dunn is first introduced in Volume 15 to be the police commissioner of London. He is at first supportive of the SCT helping to track down the Dismemberment Case Perpetrator.

In V15C7, however, he is shown to be disappointed with the SCT for failing to apprehend the killer and asks them to leave. His anger is further lighted up when he realises that the members of the SCT had snuck into the Diamond Jubilee Party at the Buckingham Palace.

In V15C8, Henry gets knocked unconscious by Reed Harrow during a scuffle. He is later scolded by Prince Stuart for spoiling the whole Diamond Jubilee Party and failing to identify the killer. He is ordered to personally apologize to the Queen for doing so.

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