Gemma Chamberlain
Gender Female
Race Asian
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Employer Horus Corporation
Rank CEO
Not so fast, Chamber-Pot!

Blaise Corso to Gemma Chamberlain, Cause of Death

Gemma Chamberlain is the CEO of Horus Corporation, a homeland security company, which was later proven to be corrupted.


Not much is known about her background.

Appearances in CoD:

Volume 15:

Gemma first appears in V15C1, being introduced as the CEO of Horus Corporation.

In V15C7, Mal Fallon is shown desperately trying to contact her as the SCT needed her company's help in tracking down the Dismemberment Case Perpetrator. Mal later meets her at the Diamond Jubilee Party in Buckingham Palace and dances with her, in an attempt to get information for her. She, however, sneakily alerts Commissioner Henry Dunn that the American detectives have secretly snuck into the palace, causing the SCT, with the exception of Natara Williams and Reed Harrow, to be escorted out of the Palace. Gemma is later revealed to be the person helping to cover up the traces left by the Dismemberment Case Perpetrator, aka Gareth Kelly.

In V15C8, Gemma is warned by Kelly that she would be dead very soon as he was going to kill her. She attempts to flee Buckingham Palace, but is stopped by Natara Williams and Blaise Corso. However, she succeeds later during the scuffle and in the bonus scene of the episode, she is shown to be on a plane away from England. She imagines the police searching her home and sacking her colleagues at her company and feels that she had made a good call by running away. She then proceeds to line up to go to the lavatory, but is stopped by a flight attendant, who leads her to the back of the plane. The flight attendant reveals that 'they' are very disappointed with her performance and uses a paralytic agent of Gemma. Gemma's knees give way and she passes out. She is then pushed into the baggage section together with other luggages and soon finds herself reaching New York, before she is ejected far into the ocean where she sinks and died. The scene depicting her death seemed to point to a greater conspiracy that was never properly explained, perhaps due to how the game's ending was expedited.

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