This page is a walkthrough for Fire and Brimstone, Part 1. The game keeps a point total of all the correct choices made and assigns a police rank to the player at the end of the episode. In order to see the Bonus Scene at the end of the episode, one must get a Detective rank, which is equivalent to scoring 80 or more points.


Step Question Choice
1 Press the button labeled...

Hot tub/bar. (does not affect score)

2 What do you say?

"Don't kill her!/Don't kill me!" (does not affect score)

3 I think this murder was... "Symbolic."
4 What do you say? "Maybe not stricty legal..."
5 What do you say? "I'm not qualified."
6 What do you say? Type in: "Antifreeze"
7 What do you say? "Do you know who did it?"
8 What do you do? (Let timer run out)
9 What do you do? Don't.
10 What do you do? Get the tool.
11 What do you do? Green computer.
12 Who do you help? Azrael.
13 Win minigame. (Choose prime numbers. Ex: 1, 7, 13, 29, 31)

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