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The Maskmaker
Eric Mills
Alias Brian Resler, The Maskmaker, Disgusting,stain,Dr Rose
Gender Male
Born June 22, 1983
Died December 16, 2010 (Age 27) (Killed by Natara Williams)
Employer Former SFPD
Rank Former Forensic Specialist
Mother Suzanne Resler
Father Michael Resler
Sister Rebecca Resler

Eric Mills was the former forensic scientist of the San Francisco Police Department. He was the main antagonist of Volume 1, known for being The Maskmaker.

Early Life

Eric Mills was born in Marin County, as Brian Resler. He was a victim of systemic physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his older sister, Rebecca. As a young boy Eric (Brian) engaged in the trapping and torture of animals to the disgust of his sister. Her constant mistreatment of him fueled his hatred for her.

When they were on a family trip to Alcatraz, he murdered his own sister Rebecca Resler by throwing a rock at her. Rebecca fell over and drowned in the water surrounding Alcatraz. He was then incarcerated at the Millbrook Mental Institute. There, Eric fell under the instruction of Genevieve Collins, who shaped him into a serial killer and facillitated his placement in the SFPD.

Eric was one of the many serial killers under the protection & financing of Genevieve Collins, for he wouldn't have been able to afford the $3 million dollar house in Pacific Heights. Eric was how Agent Natara Williams was first able to expose Genevieve for what she really was.


Eric was known for murdering women, specifically redheads as they bear a resemblance towards his sister that he hated. He kills them by sedating them with chlorofoam and after that plastering their face, causing them to suffocate. Eric was discovered in V1C5 to be the Maskmaker and was killed by Natara Williams after she shot a flare gun which hit him in his chest.


Despite the fact that he was a serial killer, he seems to have genuinly cared for his partner Amy Chen. He thought that she was different, calling her sweet and saying he did not want her to get hurt. It is unknown whether or not Eric returned Amy's romantic feelings towards him. It is possible that he knew they could never be together, and didn't want her to be dragged into it.

During Natara William's preliminary profile and later observations Eric is described as introverted, disciplined, focused, in his 20s-40s, physically intimidating, and later on as a sociopath, "ravenous", and obsessed with "his craft". The murder of his sister is was the crime that "defined" him. Eric saw himself as an artist, revealing the true faces of his victims. During Volume 8: The Kraken, a cultist recreates the Maskmaker's crimes to psychologically rattle Special Agent Natara Williams.


  • In the bonus episode The Masks We Wear, Eric was shown to have a very deep genuine care for Amy Chen, scaring Detective Ken Greene away from her & asking Genevieve Collins if he could ever be normal & settle down with someone he loved.
  • He later appears in the Volume 14 Interlude in a flashback. He was one of the two killers that Genevieve wanted to send after her son Alex, but wasn't sent. If he was sent instead, then the first volume of Cause of Death, including Natara Williams coming to the SFPD in the first place, would either be drastically changed or have never happened.
  • Eric reappeared in V10C7 as a dream, along with Asher Dane, Ryan Orville, Herman Hartnell, and Armie Gillum. While experiencing a drug dream, Mal was nearly killed by them, but after receiving words of encouragement from a vision of his late friend Ken Greene, Mal regained the strength to fight and defeated the five deceased serial killers.
  • During the holiday episode, It's a Wonderful Kai, Eric appears after Kai falls into the river and reappears on the bridge and is like the ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future all in one as he shows how life would have been for the detectives without Kai, but is soon revealed to be a manifestation of Kai's hatred of what he's become.
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