Emmanuel Morphy
A true genius, this shadowy tactician manipulates his targets into slaying one another.
Real Name/Alias Mad Stranger
Born April 13, 1977 (age 37)
Died No death; imprisoned
Murder Career
Victims Florence Jenner
Eli Nott
Arnold Bosco
Burt Henshaw
Marvin Clemente
Dominique Swanson
M.O. Manipulates targets with their secrets to kill each other
Appearances Volume 6
Status Master Manipulator
Motive Wrongful conviction

Emmanuel Morphy, aka "Mad Stranger," was a former chess prodigy who was wrongly convicted of a crime and was the target of a conspiracy that got him into a life sentence. He is the main antagonist of Volume 6.

Early Life

Despite his stuttering problem and being from a poor neighborhood, Emmanuel was a self-proclaimed genius. In the late 1990s, he found a fellow college student mudered by the night watchman, Eli Nott, and was arrested after police found him holding the knife. Despite being innocent, he was convicted of the crime because Assistant District Attorney Dominique Swanson and Detectives Arnold Bosco & Burt Henshaw collaborated with Public Defender Charles Gilcomb because of their common career pursuit interests, despite Nott fitting the description of the killer.


The main antagonist of Volume 6, Emmanuel's modus operandi was perhaps the most intricate. Targeting those who were involved in his trial and conviction, from least to most important, he first had Florence Jenner killed by Eli Nott, who was killed by Arnold Bosco, who was killed by Burt Henshaw—all from prison, where he was a friend of Jacob Fallon. With his help, he and Marvin Clemente escaped during the prison riots. While initially thought to leave the country, Morphy then killed Marvin when he learned of his identity as Mad Stranger. Henshaw was also killed during the prison riots.

Morphy's remaining targets were District Attorney Dominique Swanson and Charles Gilcomb, the former he killed with poisoned lipstick. He then managed to trap Mal Fallon and Charles Gilcomb in a cell while also poisoning Natara Williams; he tells Mal that he must shoot the mayor or else he won't release the antidote to Natara. After arriving at Morphy's hideout with Oscar Santos, Natara watches Mal shoot the mayor dead but is given the antidote. Oscar manages to apprehend Morphy, who is then arrested as he is told that Mal didn't really shoot Glicomb but rather pretended to.


Emmanuel was described as a genius for his ability to manipulated his targets through email (forcing them to kill each other by digging up information that could ruin either their career or their home life) and elaborately killings his victims through the rules of chess. While he succeeded in getting Eli Nott to kill Florence Jenner, Arnold Bosco to kill Nott, and Burt Henshaw to kill Bosco, he was unable to succeed in forcing Mal Fallon to kill Charles Gilcomb.


  • Morphy is comparable to Kingfisher due to their prestigious intelligence pertaining to technology.
  • "Mad Stranger" is an anagram for "Grandmaster."

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