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Emma Celine Lapointe
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Gender Female
Born February 12, 1981
Died June 10, 2013 (age 32) (Killed by The Firstborn)
Race Caucasian
Hair Blonde
Employer Interpol, later joined the SCT
Boyfriend Dan Abraham (deceased)

Emma Lapointe was the head of the SCT (Special Crimes Task Force) division, and was in a joint operation with the SFPD in V14C1. Her squad consisted of Reed Harrow and Boone Ligaya, and they were formerly led by Dan Abraham. Both the SCT and the SFPD were working together to track the down the same killer -- the Firstborn. The team recruited Natara Williams in V14C1's ending scene. However, she died after a bomb exploded in the plane she was in--- a plan made by the Firstborn.


Emma's first role was attempting to raid a possible Firstborn safehouse two months prior to V14C1's present day setting in Denver, CO. Although she and her coleagues managed to kill the armed guards, they barely escaped a rigged bomb trap left for them.


Two months later, Emma appears at the SFPD alongside Reed and Boone. She is stated to speak with a slight French accent (and mentions in a conversation that she formerly worked with French law enforcment) and was perceived to be attractive by the male SFPD officers. She also found herself, due to their shared intelligence, to be compatible with Natara Williams. Unfortunately, she discovered the body of their leader, Dan Abraham, outside the SFPD building in V14C1 (she was also in a relationship with him).

In V14C4, the SCT discovered a series of photos while searching a possible safehouse of the Firstborn. The photos are traced by Amy Chen to be those of "Lilith Collins", a missing person from Pasadena, California (located 400 miles away) two days prior. While Reed, Emma and Boone are on the plane (as Natara couldn't come since she was attacked by bikers), they receive a call from Natara -- she tells them that Firstborn likely planned for an attack on the plane. They managed to find a bomb, and Boone defuses it successfully; however, it is revealed that four other bombs were present in the plane as well. The bombs then detonate and explode in the plane killing everyone in the SCT except from Agent Reed Harrow and Natara Williams (who was not on the plane).

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