Eli Rosely
Alias The Boogeyman
Gender Male
Born April 20, 1986 (Age 28)
Race Caucasian
Hair Brown
Employer Henderson's Hardware
Mother Marrie Rosely
Father Grant Rosely

Eli Rosely, known infamously as The Boogeyman, is a serial killer who hid in young children's closets and kill their abusive parents once they fall asleep. He is the main antagonist of Volume 12.

Early Life

Born in Raleigh, North California, 8-year-old Eli Rosely witnessed the fugitive Jeb Cassidy murder his abusive parents. Believing Cassidy had saved him, Eli developed an attachment to Cassidy, assisting him on a cross-country burglary spree. Upon Cassidy's capture, Eli resolved to "save" other abused children, eg: kill their parents. He was known for his burlap mask, unflappable patience, and his tactic of hiding in closets at the target home.


Eli first appears in V12C1. He works at Henderson's Hardware as a clerk.

Eli was apprehended in a standoff with Detective Mal Fallon and Agent Natara Williams. He pleaded insanity to eight counts of homicide and three counts of kidnapping. Psych evaluations note an obsession with ragdoll figures and the frequent repetition of a "haunting lullaby".


The Boogeyman's trauma as a child has led him to believe that by murdering abusive parents, he is helping the child. He regards himself as a savior and friend to these kids. Yet, despite his homicidal inclination, the Boogeyman has the psychological mindset resembling to a child's. He speaks in a kid-friendly vernacular and believes that adults are simply "mean grown-ups" that must be disciplined.


  • The girl Rosely abducted from the Science Center, Joy Hoskins, displayed behavior very similar to that of Eli's.
  • In the bonus scene of Chapter Eight, it is shown that Jeb Cassidy cared deeply for Eli, not just using Rosely as a hostage.

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