Elam Clade
Ben Tate
Real Name/Alias Elam Clade
Died June 24, 2013
Murder Career
Victims Various victims
M.O. Kill them and hide their bodies in plain sight
Appearances Volume 14
Motive Abuse
Elam Clade was a child of Genevieve Collins', who was in the possession of the Lilith File. His only appearance was in V14C5 when he was being hunted down for the file. In that same episode, he was shot and killed by his mother for his own safety.

Early Life

As a child, Elam was given to his grandmother's care, along with his little brother, Aidan. His grandmother was abusive and would beat them routinely, until they one day ran away. His grandmother, along with a sheriff, found them, and on that night, Elam and Aidan received another beating, which Aidan did not survive. Elam was forced to bury his brother, and left a trail of his brother's favorite candy so that the police would find his body. Eventually, his grandmother was arrested and Elam shifted from foster to foster as he became adept at hiding and forcing people to find him. As his life took a downward spiral, he eventually became the child of Genevieve Collins.

Collins raised Elam to emulate his past; he would kill people and hide their bodies in plain sight, causing them to be declared as missing people. He proved extremely adept at hiding the bodies of his victims.


Genevieve revealed to Mal and Natara that the Lillith File was in the possession of Elam due to his refined proficiency at concealment—something he himself was doing. Pretending to be the museum's security guard, he managed to trick Mal and Natara, however faltered in his pretense when he noticed Genevieve. Simultaneously being chased by Mal and Natara and The Firstborn and the Centurion Biker Gang, the latter group which intended to kill a scared Elam for the file, Genevieve was left with no choice, but to shoot and kill him to protect the safety and freedom of Elam.



Genevieve Collins

Elam is one of Genevieve's children, to whom he affectionately calls "mama." Elam's first encounter with Genevieve was when he was in a displaced children's center. After playing hiding and seek with him, Genevieve encouraged Elam to embrace his trauma by exerting it in his murders. At last finding refuge in his new mother, Genevieve eventually put the Lilith File in his trust, due to his exceptional ability to hide. Elam was ultimately killed by Genevieve, however, to protect him from the Firstborn.


Elam's trauma from abuse and death of his brother at the hands of his grandmother was the essential source for his crimes as a killer. From a young age, he had a propensity to hide, which influenced his modus operandi: hiding the bodies of his victims, sometimes in plain sight. Concurrently, his refuge in Genevieve after a childhood of having no one made him act somewhat youthful, such as when he publicly disclosed his identity when he noticed Genevieve and fearfully calling for his mother while being chased.

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