Denni Fallon
Denni Fallon
Gender Female
Born August 5, 1995 (Age 18)
Hair brown; dyed purple
Eyes black
Employer S.F. Tribune
Rank Editor
Mother Cynthia Fallon
Father Mitch (stepdad)
Boyfriend Colt Warren

Denni Fallon is Mal Fallon's niece who is currently living in his apartrment with her boyfriend Colt Warren. Since she has been shown in far greater detail in the game she originates from (Surviving High School) it is recommended for her page for that game to be looked at instead.

Appearances in CoD:

In the 2011 Christmas Special, Denni was first mentioned when Mal listened to a message left by her on his answering machine.

In the 2012 Christmas Special, she, Mal, Mal's sister, Cynthia, Cynthia's husband Mitch, Colt and Natara all have dinner together.

In V13C1, Denni, along with Colt, moved in to Mal's apartment. She has begun working at the San Francisco Tribune. In V13C8, her boss, Leah Roberts, who was also later known as Spinnerette, took her hostage, but was killed by the Firstborn instead

She was also taken hostage in another situation by Genevieve Collins in V14C5.

In V15C1, Denni saw her uncle Mal off as he left for London as part of the Special Crimes Task Force. Later, in V15C6, she helped Blaise uncover the identity of the Puppet Master.

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