Cause of Death episode
Death Do Us Part
Volume 10, Episode 8
Air date September 3, 2012
Volume 10 guide [v]
July 9, 2012 - September 3, 2012

1. Fear and Loathing
2. Truth or Dare, Part 1
3. Truth or Dare, Part 2
4. Nightmare
~. Interlude
5. In Fidelity, Part 1
6. In Fidelity, Part 2
7. Love And Madness
8. Death Do Us Part

Volume 9: Livewire
Volume 11

Death Do Us Part is the eighth and final chapter of Volume 10. It was released on September 3, 2012.

Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


On the day of Natara and Oscar's wedding, an insidious plot threatens to ruin everything.


Natara is getting ready for her wedding while Mal is talking to a doctor about Selene. Mal asks to talk to Selene. After a long hesitation, the doctor allows him to see her. As he walks in, he notices that she has been crying, but appears happy to see him. He finds out the Reese Gable drugged Selene and made her have 2 different personalities. In Selene's "serial killer personality", she is happy about this. The first personality is the one Mal knew when he was dating her. The second personality is a killer. It almost sounds like the N-13 drug, but the doctors said they could not find drugs in her system. The reason for this is becasue Gable made a pill that did that years ago. Selene says that she is living proof of Gable's genius. Mal talks about Gable, bringing out Selene's other personality. She states that Gable is going to release a new drug at Natara's wedding, that will turn everyone into savage killers instantaneously.

It is Natara's and Oscar's wedding. Natara sees Kai walk up with a blonde friend. That friend is revealed to be Amy under disguise, who is still a fugitive. She says that NSA agents are looking for her so she says she cannot stay, and gives Natara some advice (upon player choice; if player picks Kai, he says some typical non-sense, and you don't get Amy's advice).

Mal chases Gable, who is carrying a canister of a lethal drug. Gable puts a syringe in Mal's leg that is a paralytic, but nonetheless gets up to tackle Gable.

At the altar, when asked to take Oscar as her lawful husband, Natara hesitates but is interrupted by Mal and Professor Reese Gable crashing in from the skylight above. After the authorities have left, Oscar comes and asks her if she is alright, and why she hesitated to say the words "I do" at the altar. Natara is hesitant, but honestly tells him that she cannot marry him, and Oscar leaves sadly, wishing her a good life. Natara then drives to Mal's apartment and confesses her true feelings to him, and (at last) kisses him. However, the apartment is bombed shortly afterwards and several masked men take Mal hostage, leaving Natara behind.

Bonus Scene

Blaise and Jeremy make small talk about the events that have happened, but quickly turn to suggesting to have sex again. At the airport, Kai says goodbye to Amy, who is in disguise. Then somewhere in the wilderness, Mal, taken hostage, asks where Natara is. The men surrounding him say that he will "never see her again."

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