David Michael Troy
David Troy
David Troy
Gender Male
Born November 1, 1980
Died June 11, 2014 (aged 33) (Stabbed by civilian)
Race African American
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Employer S.F.P.D (Formally)

L.A.P.D (Retired) Journalist/Media Consultant (Presently)

Rank Detective (Formally)
David Troy was the minor antagonist of Volume 13.

Early Life:

After he graduated from the SFPD Academy, Troy's effusive arrogance created friction in turn with then-Officer Mal Fallon. Transferring to Los Angeles, Troy was noted for his good instincts and high clearance rate, climbing to Detective. His lucky break came when he shot dead two aspiring actors who had taken to masquerading as police and robbing the back of wealthy producers in a case that captivated the nation.


During V13C2-V13C3, Mal quickly grows a grudge against his ex-friend -- a grudge parrarel to his grudge against Charles Anders in Volume 9. He is shown to be going to desperate lengths to find an excuse to find Mal Fallon guilty of something as confirmed in V13C2's bonus scene, where he admits his motive is to find him guilty. Unfortunately, a threat by Charles Anders -- who also developed a grudge against him -- in V13C3 had him leave the game abruptly.


He reappeared in V16C3; a Japanese-speaker (his parents met at a US base there), he was operating on a famous talk show. Mal contended that he was responsible for the deaths of 14 people who were trampled during a panic by the local onryo hunting people. He seemed apolgetic and uncertain at his debatable responsibility.

In V16C4, it was revealed that Officer Haruto Miyamoto was Troy's contact. After overhearing Miyamoto getting kidnapped by members of the Chrysalis, he accompanied Mal, Natara, and Reed Harrow to rescue them. He and Mal managed to kill the acolytes before Natara and Reed could get there. Afterwards, while recording video of himself for the news, Troy was stabbed and killed by a panicked civilian who had fallen for the onryo's demands.


Troy's bestselling book about the case earned him enough to reture and take on a new career as a TV "crime expert", consultant and journalist.

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