Darren Crouch
Darren Crouch
Gender Male
Race English
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Employer Dismemberment Case Perpetrator
Darren Crouch was the man who acted as a cover-up for the murders and disappearances of the Dismemberment Case Perpetrator. He would get a ciphered text-message on his phone, and would have to go to the address half an hour later to use an assortment of chemicals to clean the physical evidence.


He was confronted, and after a standoff with Jeremy Redbird and Reed Harrow in V15C2, was arrested and (citing it as what he would be saying in court) confessed his accessory activities to the crew. In the following chapter, although it took quite a bit of work, the team got Crouch to help them crack the latest cipher code that the killer would send him. Unfortunately, the team failed to apprehend the killer then.

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